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Rae Huang

(Hsuan-Yu Huang)

2D Animator.

wishes she owns a zoo.




        Rae Huang is currently obtaining her BFA at Academy of Art University, where she specializes in 2D character animation, storyboard, character design, and 2D layout. She has technical experience using
programs such as Toon Boom Harmony, TVPaint Animation, and Adobe Animate (Flash). She has refined and diversified her drawing skills as a student in fine art programs since junior high school, so she is flexible when working with different art styles, personalities, and she is always open to critique.  Huang was the leader of a team of five for the 2018 24 HOURS Animation Contest for Students hosted by ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Education Forum. As team manager, she prepared the team for unexpected challenges and to handle the stress related to the contest’s time constraints. Huang is currently working as a 2D animator on a part 2D part 3D animated short called Monster in The Dark along with 30+ artists/ animators.


        Before college, years of fine art training made Huang assume that details and accuracy is the only route to make good art, but a show called Wander Over Yonder changed her mind. She realized simple designs can be as appealing as realistic artworks. After researching and exploring more cartoons in all kinds of styles and genre, she decided that she wanted to learn more about animation in an academic environment. Although she was hesitant about majoring in animation at first, she soon fell in love with the process of making them. Animation allows her to work with others instead of painting at home alone. It also entertains the audience instead of making them nod at paintings to pretend they are thinking deeply and connecting with the artists. Moreover, no one is going to judge when she spends too much time watching cartoons.

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